How to truly become the person you were meant to be?

Internal Equipment

We have been equip with everything we need to fulfill our true calling on this planet. Everything you need to become the you that you were meant to be is within. The very fabric of our DNA has all the code just waiting to be unlocked, allowing access to our full potential. We can only be what we came here to be, everything else is a pointless endeavor that leads to unhappiness and being unfulfilled. When we do some soul-searching, by turning our attention inwards we are able to tap into intuitive guidance. This guidance if we get connected enough to listen to, will guide us to become the person we were meant to be.

The fact that I can plant a seed and it becomes a flower, share a bit of knowledge and it becomes another’s, smile at someone and receive a smile in return, are to me continual spiritual exercises. – Leo Buscaglia

Planted Seeds

When you look at a seed it has everything that it needs to grow embedded into it’s nature. The only thing that it needs is the right environment to nurture its growth. With the right amount of soil, sunlight and water, this seed will emerge into the potential of its true consciousness or in other words what it came here to be. We are no different from a seed. We need direct contact with soil to stay grounded to mother earth. We need sunshine to get the cosmic vibration rays that stimulate our intuitive guidance. And we need pure water because we are water beings living on a water planet. These are the essentials to unlocking our DNA, when your DNA is unlocked it will write the code into your cells of who you are meant to be.

Direct contact with soil stimulates your Root Chakra and it has the effect of grounding you to the earth. This allows you to be in tune with the resonance frequency of the earth the Schumann Resonance. For the longest time this frequency was pulsating at 7.83hz, it has been recently discovered that this frequency has been steadily increasing and is now been recorded to be as high as 36+hz. An increase in frequency of the earth has a direct correlation of increased frequencies of you and me and every living thing on the planet. We are all being upgraded and an excellent way to receive this upgrade is to stay grounded. By using a grounding mats and grounding bracelet while you work and sleep it can do wonders in increasing your frequency. Still nothing beats walking outside bare foot.

If you can’t get outside to walk barefoot because of weather restrictions, grounding mats and bracelets are excellent alternatives.

Here is the one that I recommend: Grounding Mat & Grounding Bracelet

Going outside in the Sun will stimulate your Crown Chakra and Pineal Gland, which allows you to get access to higher vibratory information from the cosmic realms. The sun is the source of all life on this planet and has allowed every thing to thrive. With no sun there can be no light and with no light there can be no life. We are all light beings. Hue – Man equals light being. We become happier and wiser when we are able to embrace the light of our beings from the inside out.

Drinking pure water allows for balance of this life energy to harmonize your being from the roots to the crown and everything else in between. This is the true way of starting the process of becoming the person that you were meant to be.

To be awake is to be alive. – Henry David Thoreau

As above; so below

Everything we see and experience in our external world is a direct reflection of how we are thinking, feeling and being in our internal world. Facts do not matter. As a matter of fact the only thing that matters is your internal being choice. A being choice is the way you habitually think and feel, when you have a dominant thought and feeling pattern this becomes embedded as the resonate frequency of your being. With all resonate frequencies there is a vibration and everything that is in harmony with this vibration will be attracted to you.

How do I tune into my internal being choice?

Your internal being choice comes from daily conditioning of your thoughts and feelings. This process requires you to go within to do some soul-searching. You need to ask yourself the question: what is it that I came here to do? The best time to ask this question is in periods of deep meditation. With enough persistent asking, you will begin to feel the correct answer. Once you reach a state of knowing, you will need to structure your life around this being choice. It is your calling and your destiny to be what you came here to be and to leave your mark on this world long after you are gone. There is a deep knowing or a longing in the Soul to express the innate talents that have been gifted to us at the time of our birth. These talents are our true nature and we need to believe in the possibility of their fulfillment.

Where is this better version of me?

We are all here searching to become better versions of ourselves. We are looking to find our true calling, to become the person we came here to be. We are searching for the feeling of belonging.
Deep down inside of us there is a yearning that we are supposed to be doing something more with our lives. We want to feel like our lives matter and that we have made a difference by making the world a bit better place.

However, we are all already whole and complete, there is nothing to fix and there is nothing to find. Everything needed is already inside of you. Your only job is to remain in alignment with your highest internal vision for yourself. There is a you out there that is living your life to the fullest of your potential. You need to resonate with that you and bring that energy forth from within your current being. We are like blocks of stone that a mason carves to find the beauty and the living essence within. It was always there, it just needed to be brought out.

“You have a powerful mind that can make anything happen as long as you keep yourself centered.” – Wayne Dyer

The creation of balanced energy

Life is all about balance. The ability to find the perfect equilibrium of energetic information to allow you to thrive. Our personal energies is what makes the world come alive for each and everyone of us. We take in energy through our senses that our very powerful minds translate into meaning.
If any part of our being is out of alignment, this can cause havoc on our lives. Our beings need three fundamental areas to remain in states of balance. Our Minds, Bodies, & Spirit are constantly realigning the inputs and outputs of personal energies to keep our beings functioning at optimal levels. When equilibrium can not be achieved in any of these three areas we are not living our lives to our full potential.

We need to look deep inside our beings and do some Higher Soul searching. Ask yourself the following questions and answer truthfully:

  1. Why is it that I came to this planet, under these circumstances, with these particular gifts and talents?
  2. What am I suppose to be doing with these gifts and talents and if I am not using them, what is the reason?
  3. What are my weaknesses and limitations and why did I choose them?
  4. What lesson am I suppose to learn from my weaknesses and limitations ?
  5. How can I be of service to others through expressing my talents and overcoming my limitations, as only I know how to do?

Once we have answered all these questions truthfully, we need to set a daily routine to do something with our talents and strengthen our weaknesses. This is the only way that you can balance your energies to truly become the person you are supposed to be. There is a reason why you are here, you need to find that reason and live it!

All energy is the same, it all comes from source. We process this energy and give it different meanings. When we all begin to use this energy from a place of alignment, we will create a beautiful world that will know love and peace. When you are truly the person you are suppose to be, your Soul shines through you and you become a brighter light and electromagnetic inspiration for the world. As you begin to shine brighter your light becomes a beacon to wake up others so they may begin to shine too.

Much Love and Blessings,