Cosmic Downloads & The Inner Technologies…

Greetings & Welcome,

Technology has made our lives better. We have seen mass improvements in our global village. It has provided us with the ability to communicate with everyone all over the world. The internet is one of the greatest technologies that has ever-blessed humanity! It has given a nervous system to Mother Nature, bringing the world together and connecting all people in ways that we have never seen before in recorded history. Technology has the capacity to change the world in deep and profound ways.

However, with all these connections and fabulous innovations, we are more disconnected than ever. We have oceans of information that we are drowning in, yet, we cannot seem to be able to get a drop of wisdom. Even though we may  be more connected now, our ancestors were much more in tune than us.

Why is that?

Our ancestors were deeply in-tune with their inner technologies and were able to receive Divine information through cosmic downloads. They lived in harmony with nature and understood fundamental principles that allowed them to thrive, even in the most natural of environments. They all seem to have a deep connection to Mother Nature and were able to harness vast amounts of natural power. The great civilizations of the past were so in tune with their environments that they were able to build monolithic structures that are still marvels of the world today. A lot of these civilizations were said to have disappeared abandoning their great cities. I truly believe that they did not disappear, they have ascended. They all harness the abilities to use their inner technologies to receive cosmic information. This information allowed them to reach higher and higher states of ascended consciousness.

One of the great cosmic laws, I think, is that whatever we hold in our thought will come true in our experience. When we hold something, anything, in our thought, then somehow coincidence leads us in the direction that we’ve been wishing to lead ourselves”. – Richard Bach

We have all been blessed with these abilities, which remain dormant because of lack of use and heavy dependence upon external technologies. We are all meant to ascend to higher and higher dimensional levels of being. This ascension can only take place if we can use our own inner technologies. We have all been blessed with the gifts from the creator. Our inner technologies will vary from person to person based upon efforts put into place for development. Some of the primary technologies that we all universally have are:

Full control over thoughts and feelings

The ability to think and feel. Our thoughts and feelings create the world around us. Concentrated focus thoughts and feelings change the structures of atoms. Everything that is around us is made of atoms. If we are loosing concentration and focus because of outer technology that is supposed to make our lives better, we are loosing a vital part of our beings. Without intense focus we are not able to manifest. It takes extreme unbreakable concentration to bring life from the formless into form. This is an inner technology that we all have. We are under utilizing this power because our dopamine levels are out of sync. We now live in an instant gratification very fast pace environment, which leaves us little time to think deeply or focus.

Keeping the channel clear

We all have intuitive abilities. We are not able to hear the cosmic information that is being broadcast to us because of so many other things that are competing for our attention. When we can quite the chatters of the mind, by limiting the sensory inputs, we are able to open a channel to a higher source of information. This channel is always open, the key is to find the ability to tune into this frequency and receive cosmic downloads. These downloads are the exact information that you would need at that particular time.

Visualization: The powers of the mind’s eye

When you are able to hold a clear picture in the mind’s eye, you are visualizing. This picture that you are able to see even when your eyes are closed is real. The more detailed the image and the more feeling injected into it allows cosmic energy to be breathed into it. It is very similar to a computer downloading information from a source. We too have a source where we can download information from, a cosmic realm, and we can use it this information in the here and now. The key is how strong is your connection to source.

The power of your word

Everything in existence is held together by sound vibrations. The most powerful sound vibration that you have is your own voice. It is not the words that you are saying, it is the energy behind the words that creates power. This is one of the greatest inner technologies that we all have. If you study great orators, what they are saying is not what makes them great, another man can say the same thing and would not be able to move a crowd. It is the energy of the orator that has the ability to light up the words. We all have this ability as well, if we are able to harness our own inner technologies.

Man can be understood only by ascending from physics, chemistry, biology, and geology. In other words, he is first of all a cosmic problem”. – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

We need to change our focus from getting lost in external technologies, to being found in internal technologies and cosmic downloads. If you want to understand the world, your first step would be to look within. The world we live in is constantly responding to how we think, how we feel, and what we say. These are all inner technologies that if properly used will affect your external world. We all have the ability to dive deeper into levels of consciousness, that will have profound effects on our lives. We are only scratching the surface of what is available to you as a possibility.

Don’t wish for better wind, wish for a better sail”. – Jim Rohn

Our inner technologies are that better sail that can drift us along perfectly on life’s cosmic winds.

Much Love & Blessings,