Do You Meditate…

Greetings and Welcome,

Anytime you bring your awareness into the now, you are bringing your being into a state of meditation.

We have been conditioned to think we need to be in a quite space at a specific time in order to meditate. This is simply not true, we can meditate everywhere and anywhere; however, it does help to set aside time on a daily basis for a reflective practice. This blog will focus on the power you have in the now, and the ability to bring your awareness fully into the present moment.

We live in a society that has everyone and everything competing for every last bit of your attention and awareness. We are bombarded with information, the multitude of devices vying for our attention has become staggering. We tend to dip into lower levels of consciousness when we are constantly on alert for more information.

What if amongst all this information overload, we were able to pause for a moment and capture the beauty of now?

The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between.” ― Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

It is the pause in the note that makes the music, without the pause there is only chaos. With constant information overload we are lowering our levels of consciousness. When we take the time to breathe deeply throughout the day and bring our awareness into the now, we are able to bring our energies back into balance, this is meditation.

We are all forgetting to take the time to stop and enjoy moments throughout the day. This pause is key to our vitality and sanity. There is tremendous beauty and power in bringing your attention and awareness into the moment of now. When we are truly conscious of the ever fleeting moments and we are able to observe without the thought process that has been conditioned to be able to define what that moment means we are able to see a glimpse of truth.

Once you label me you negate me.” – Soren Kierkegaard

A thing does not become a thing until you name that thing. Before the name is given, it is part of the eternal now. And in that eternal now there is a grace and beauty that words would have a hard time to describe. If we are able to bring our consciousness to this level of just enjoying the moment and not defining it as good or bad, we can reach a level of peace in our beings that is self-sustaining, well past the chaos of what may be happening around us.

Imagine what it would be like to live in a world of higher consciousness. Where everyone would consciously take a moment and center their beings before they act. They would be conditioned to pause and enjoy the moment, however fleeting it may be. From this point of alignment communication between beings would be at a level of far superior understanding. We would take a moment to absorb what was being said and respond back from a place of being centred and loved.

What a wonderful world this would be.

We can achieve this here and now, by becoming the change that we would like to see in the world.

Here are some practices that you can try that will bring forth a greater sense of well-being.

1. Super Self Awareness Meditation – is the practice of taking moments throughout the day to become aware of your higher self. Stop and breathe deeply, know that you can connect to the greater version of yourself that can not be seen but only felt. There is a power within your being that is guiding you, you just need the awareness to listen.

2. Gratitude – the more we are grateful for, the more we will be given to be grateful for. This is the law of attraction in action. When we embody the vibration of gratitude, we bring forth the mirror match vibrations in our environment, that we would have otherwise not been aware of. It is through the act of being grateful that we are able to see all the other things to be grateful for right under our noses.

3. Love and Blessings – everything that is in your life right now has been put there by you to increase your levels of consciousness. We attract into our lives that which we are in vibrational resonance with, so we are manifesting everything that we see before us. Some of the things we manifest are either lessons or blessings. It is up to you to have the discernment to know the difference, and this discernment can only come about if we take the time to pause and meditate throughout the day. What ever revelations may come to you, bless and love them. Always remember everything that happens is for your highest good.

It is all good and it is all God!

Much Love and Blessings,