Don’t Escape; Appreciate…

Greetings & Welcome,

We all want more out of life, this is human nature. We spend a great deal of time and energy projecting into the future or reliving the past. Most of us are concerned very little with the now. Here is the paradox, any moments of our past was then our moments of now and any moments that we will experience in the future will also be our moments of now.

Here is the secret, the only thing that is of any importance in your life is this moment right here, I meant this moment right here, I mean this moment right here….you get the picture.

True Power is within, and it is available now.” ― Eckhart Tolle

What you do in the here and now with your full awareness and love will have more of a dramatic effect on your future than any activities that you halfheartedly do from a place of complete distraction. We live in a distraction based world that has been intelligently designed to numb you from actually feeling alive. Instead of craving for a more rich and fulfilling life we crave the next distraction, the next quick fix of dopamine, a feel good chemical that is released from our brains reward center designed to make us feel good when we have accomplish a worthy task. However when the next task involves constantly checking for the chirps and beeps of your phone and all other forms of instant gratifications from a constantly distracted society, our dopamine levels go out of whack.

We need to come back fully into the now. The full appreciation and awareness of each moment will allow for greater clarity and fulfillment. This will allow for a greater alignment of your being that will cause all your manifestations to come into alignment with your life’s true purpose. When we are fully immersed in the activities that we are doing there is a perfect energetic state called flow. Flow can only be reached if there is full brainwave coherence. Time stands still and you are able to get more done with far less effort. Our brains are not scattered, but come into full union in the flow state.

Flow can only happen in the now, our lives were design to be in a constant state of flow. We should be flowing from one activity to another. This level of alignment would assure the fact that your future will be as grand as you envisioned it. The reason for this is what you do in the now has a profound effect on your future.

“But anyone who has experienced flow knows that the deep enjoyment it provides requires an equal degree of disciplined concentration.” ― Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

The seeds you plant today will become the crops you harvest tomorrow. If you are planting seeds in the state of flow your harvest of tomorrow will be bountiful. One of the best ways to get into the flow of what you are doing is to take the time to appreciate what it is that you are doing or where you are at, no matter how hum drum. This appreciation is the key to raising your vibration, flow can only come about in a high vibrational state because flow is high vibrational energy. Appreciation is the first crucial step in order to reach this state. When we are trying to escape our current circumstance we are reducing our vibrational energy outputs and the tasks that would have been effortless in the flow state end up being much more difficult and end up taking more time. The more you try to escape from where you are at or what you are doing the more you will feel the feeling of being stuck. The more you feel the feeling of being stuck the more you will vibrate at that frequency. The more you vibrate at this frequency the more scenarios you will attract into your life that will keep you feeling stuck.

Next time you are hymning and hawing about an activity that you have no interest in doing, or you find your self in a place that you do not what to be. STOP! Bring yourself back here to now, and find something to appreciate about your current circumstance no matter how small it may be. You are looking to direct your energy towards a higher vibrational state that will allow for you to be fully present no matter where you are at.

With enough practice you can cultivate a vibrational signature that will be in alignment with the flow state. Think of these scenarios as blessings that allow you the practice that you will need to become a master manifester. The things that you are doing now with love and appreciation will bring forth more things for you to love and appreciate in the future. This is how it works it all starts with being present, loving and fully appreciating all that you have been blessed with.

Here are some activities that you can try to help you to be here in the now and flow your energies with appreciation:

1. Eliminate distractions by planning ahead for the more difficult activities and scenarios that you face. I know that it is paradoxical because planing ahead means that you are looking to the future. The difference is a little bit of future planing will allow for you to become more focused on the now because you are aware of the activities that are important. If your plan includes doing something now that your future self would thank you profusely for, your on the right track.

2. Get into the flow through complete awareness of the activity that you are doing. The flow is a state of deep meditation while you are awake. In this meditative state time stands still and you are able to make all the right moves effortlessly. Rhythmic breathing and full awareness of the task at hand is the key to entering this state. We usually enter the state of flow when we are doing the things that we love, we can recognize that feeling and apply it to every day task with a little practice.

3. Play the deep appreciation game. Spend some time pondering all the things in your current vicinity that you are truly thankful for. If nothing comes to mind, be thankful for the ability to be experiencing life right now. There is always something that we can be grateful for and appreciate, we need to consciously train our thought and feeling processes to be aware.

It is up to us to balance our energies and raise the vibrations around us. When we appreciate all the blessings that we have been given in this life, we will be given more to appreciate. So there is no need to escape your current challenging circumstance, look for things you can appreciate instead and you will find yourself to be much happier and from that vibrational state you will attract the things and the places you want to be.

What we appreciate we multiply….

Much Love & Blessings,