Eating For Energy With All Five Senses…

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What’s for lunch?

We all eat different kinds of food for energy and nutrition. Some yogis even claim that they don’t need to eat, they derive all their energy from the sun. This got me thinking, we are always consuming and processing energy in one form or another from our five senses at all times. If it is true that the higher more nutritious foods we consume creates within us higher levels of health. Then it must also be true that the higher levels of energy that our brain processes from our other senses would create much higher levels of energy within our beings. If we make a conscious effort to consume higher qualities of energy we will raise our vibration and have higher quality lives.

How you vibrate is what the universe echoes back to you in every moment.” – Panache

So let’s talk about food, it carries a tremendous amount of information in every bite. This information is then broken down and used by the cells of our bodies to create fuel and regenerate. Your body recreates a completely new you every seven years. When we consume high nutrient dense foods that contain powerful life force energies, we will be creating ourselves in a like manner. By the same logic that food is information, our other senses also consume information that is used to build our overall beings.

What information are you consuming?

Everything is energy that our brain is interpreting as electrical pulse signals from our corresponding senses, this creates our interpretation of reality. When we are watching negative programming; listening to inharmonious music; smelling unnatural smells; feeling out of sorts, this creates imbalance in your life.

Whatever information that we consume creates belief systems in our beings. These belief systems are the command codes to your operating system. If you are consuming a large amount of negative information on a constant basis, you are programming a primarily negative belief system. This is important to be aware of because we do not attract what we want, we attract what we are.

We tend to accept information that confirms our prior beliefs and ignore or discredit information that does not. This confirmation bias settles over our eyes like distorting spectacles for everything we look at.” – Kyle Hill

You can make a conscious effort to consume information with your senses that is of high vibrational nature. Eating beautiful life force energy foods, we feel more alive, vibrant, and full of energy.

Looking at things that inspire us, makes us feel motivated to do great things with our lives. Hearing the birds singing, or beautiful soul filled music, our inner beings come alive and wants to dance. Smelling the flowers and the natural fresh air we feel invigorated. We can carry within us feelings of being in alignment, this feeling of alignment will allow for everything that is for our highest good to come into alignment.

Your intent also has the potential to allow for the transmutation of negative information that you may be consuming. Meaning, if you are constantly surrounded by negative environments, you can make a conscious effort to not be part of the negativity, instead you can be an example of a high vibrational being. This act will allow for the lower vibrations to be neutralized and sometimes even raised to a higher vibration.

It is very important to consciously be aware of the information that we are consuming with our senses. By becoming aware we are able to feed our beings a high vibrational diet, which in turn will allow for a high vibrational life.

Here are some tips on consuming high vibrational energy:

1. Limit the amount of negative sources that you may gather information from. Try for a week to only consume positive information, if negative information is presented to you, re-frame it into something more positive.

2. Feel immense gratitude for all the blessings that you have been given in this life. Be grateful for life itself, it is a gift.

3. Look for and listen to something inspirational. When you find something, really immerse yourself in the message and use it to create a more inspiring life.

We all need to eat, however it is our choice to consume energies that are for our highest good!

Much Love and Blessings,