Feeling The Good Music…

Greetings & Welcome,

Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything. – Plato

We all have our favourite music that we love. The beats and harmonious overtones of music inspires a flow of energy in our beings that puts us into varying states according to the music we are listening to. Different kinds of music have different effects on different people. For eons we have been using music to celebrate, to express and reflect our current emotions. Music puts us into trance like states that allow us to heal our overall beings. This is just naming a few effects that music is able to create. Musical sound frequencies have unlimited potential to enhance our mental, physical and spiritual selves.

Music is everywhere and in everything. We are all vibrating to our very own musical frequencies, it is what is allowing us to be. Everything in existence has been created by and being held together by sound vibrations, including you. Every part of your being has a resonate sound, you are essentially playing your own musical orchestra everywhere you go.

What musical melody are you playing for the world?

We can pick up on someones vibes because of the musical output that they are constantly broadcasting. When we are in harmony within our beings our musical vibrations are expressed by being in sync with the world around us, everything has a sense of ease and flow. Disharmony in our musical vibrations cause the world around us to not be in flow. We feel like we are constantly swimming up-stream with very little results to show for all the effort put forth. Your personal vibration has the ability to create harmony or discord in your life, its your choice to do activities that raise or lower your vibration.

When we raise our personal vibrations we are playing beautiful music for the world to hear. This music rearranges life into more intricate and beautiful structures.

Our thoughts and feelings are sending out inaudible sound vibrations. These vibrations resonate with similar energies that bring back to us scenarios that reflect how we are feeling. There has been ground breaking work by Dr. Emoto that proves that thoughts and sound vibrations effect the crystalline structure of water. He did an experiment, where he was able to change the crystal structure by exposing water to different words, sounds and thoughts. When the water was frozen and examined under a high power microscope the crystals that were formed were either very beautiful if exposed to positive energies or very distorted if exposed to negative energies. The more positive the thoughts, music and words the more beautiful the crystal water structure.

Why is this important to you?

We are comprised of mostly water, and this water has memory that changes depending on the energetic vibrational frequency that it is exposed to. We are essentially holding within ourselves the internal frequencies of thoughts and feelings and the external frequencies of all other sound vibrations. The better thoughts and feelings we have and the more positive uplifting sounds we expose ourselves to, have the ability to dramatically raise our personal vibrations.

We are being bombarded by musical frequencies that do not have our best interest in mind. Listen to any popular radio station and you will see that the lyrics and sound frequencies of most songs are that of a very low vibration. Music use to be played on a scale of 432hz which causes vibrational harmony. It has been changed to 440hz, which causes vibrational distortion. Most of the lyrics that are either negative or positive are being absorbed by your being and formulating crystalline structures within you. These crystalline structures are either very beautiful or very distorted. There is however beautiful music out there that can entrain the mind, heal the body, and bring light to the soul.

Water has a memory and carries within it our thoughts and prayers. As you yourself are water, no matter where you are, your prayers will be carried to the rest of the world. – Dr. Masaru Emoto

Here are some activities that you can do that will raise your personal vibration.

1. Look up online music that has been recorded in 432hz and see if you can find anything that resonates with you, try to listen to this type of music versus commercial radio. The music at this frequency will bring harmony into your life

2. Look into sound mantras for meditation. The sound of “Om or Ah” has dramatic effects on your overall well-being. The practice of using sand-script sound meditation is very powerful and has been practised for thousands of years.

3. Listen to guided audio meditations that use biannual brain entrainment technology or the solfeggio scale. These sound technologies have the ability to dramatically affect consciousness. Kelly Howell and Glenn Harrold are some of my favourites artist for brain wave entrainment meditations. I also like to listen to Sounds Oasis Solfeggio scales. I particularly like the tone of 528hz for its harmonizing effects.

You will begin to notice a rise in your consciousness if you apply these activities. There are so many other ways to raise your personal vibration. I hope that these words serve you as inspiration to become aware of what good music can do for you. I have been practising these techniques for many years now and they have been some of the key factors that have allowed me to raise my personal musical vibration.

Lets all feel the good music!

Much love and blessings,