I Ate All My Vegetables…

Greetings & Welcome,

Lets talk Law of Attraction. This is a big topic these days and for good reason, LOA is always working! Weather we are attracting negative or positive the fact of the matter there is an attraction process at play. This attraction process is taking place because of our thoughts and feelings. Thoughts are things that have a vibration, these vibrations are broadcast out into the world where they mix and mingle with other similar energetic vibrational frequencies. The vibrational frequency is then returned as a manifestation of people, places, or things.

This is how it all works…

We have 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts on any given day. Most of these thoughts are the same thought from day-to-day creating more of the same outcomes. The more we think the same the more we are conditioned to a limited thought process. The key is to immerse yourself into new thought patterns that you condition deliberately. These thoughts should be in alignment with what you are trying to manifest into your life.

You may be wondering what kind of thoughts are needed to manifest all these great things into my life?

That is a great question! Our thoughts are primarily controlled by how we feel. Instead of trying to control every pesky thought that may come into our mind, an easier hack would be to become mindful of how we feel. If you are constantly checking throughout the day, how you are feeling, you are able to steer your focus and awareness into better feeling thoughts.

Ask yourself periodically throughout the day, how do I feel? I just asked my daughter how she feels? She told me she feels great and healthy because she ate all of her vegetables. LOL! She is a month away from her fifth birthday.

When you work on a daily basis to strengthen the Mind, Body, & Soul, this creates a feeling of immense joy. This immense joyful feeling is the sweet spot that allows you to attract great and wonderful things into your life.

Here are three exercises you can try that will help to strengthen your be3:

1. Mind – Your subconscious mind runs 95% of your being and can be strengthened through repetition. Anything that you do on a regular basis becomes a subconscious habit. We can use this to our advantage if we purposely condition this part of the mind with the things we are trying to achieve. A great way to do this is through affirmations. You can record yourself saying some of your favourite affirmations. It is best to record these affirmations beginning with “I AM”. What ever you put after I am is a direct command to your subconscious mind, which is tirelessly working to make all your beliefs come true.

2. Body – You can take this wonderful “I AM” affirmation recording and listen to it as you exercise. Going outside for a walk or a run is the perfect environment to allow the “I AM’s” that you have created to permeate your body and mind. The act of exercising the mind and body at the same time will allow for powerful synergies of energy to take place. This union will increase your manifestations exponentially.

3. Soul – When you get home from your walk or run, find a quite spot to sit and empty your mind and see what revelations may come to you over the period of 15 minutes or so. It is a good idea to have a pen and a note pad to write them down. The act of writing down any revelations that come to mind, further increases the souls connection to the mind and body, The reason for this is that there is a constant communication process happening throughout your being. When you take the time to silence your mind and listen to your inner being, you will be opening yourself up to receive profound life changing wisdom. This may not happen instantaneously, it’s a practice that needs to be nurtured over time. However, if you are willing and ready to put in the work you will be very happy to see what profound life changing knowledge is available to you from your inner being.

After incorporating all these elements of be3, you will become more in tune with your internal energies. You will want to document your progression as you grow. If you continue to practice elements of personal whole being development, your life will change dramatically! I have experienced this first hand and I am continuing to learn as I take this journey with you.

Much Love and Blessings,