Joyful Love Is All You Need….

Greetings & Welcome,

Love and joy are some of the most powerful forces on earth! Joyful love is the creative energy required to bring forth the formless into form. When you hold a picture in your minds eye of your life’s highest desire, you can use joyful loving energy to manifest this into reality. Love is a real and tangible energy, this energy can be utilized as a creation tool.

How does this work?

The vibration of love is a creative energy that has a high energy vortex. Have you ever had the feeling of being in love. The sun seemed much brighter and the birds sang sweeter! This is because you are in the flow of high vibration, life flows more effortlessly in this frequency. When you apply this love to your passions you are creating the same flow of life. This love will allow for what you need to manifest into your life as you need it. Life is all a quantum possibility, that can be heavily influenced by our thoughts and feelings. If you remain in a joyful loving state you will attract more to be joyfully loving about. When there is no resistance to the flow, you are in the right vibration for the creation process to happen seamlessly. Any thought that is contradictory to that of what you are trying to manifest into your life will cause resistance. This is why joy is so important, it is a high vibrational emotion that has the ability to increase the vibration of lower vibrational feelings. When you raise your vibrational frequencies through “Joyful Love” you are able to manifest your life’s highest desires..

  • A key question to ask yourself is, what am I doing now ton bring myself into the state of joyful love? What can I do to get into and remain in that state?

If you diligently ask yourself these questions and earnestly do the activities that come to mind, you will begin to come into a state of joyful love, and your life will begin to improve dramatically. When something makes you feel good, the universe will bring you more to feel good about, this is the key reason we are constantly seeking to remain joyfully loving.

We were meant to live in a state of joyful love. If you can keep the thoughts and feeling of what you are trying to manifest without wavering, you will created into your reality! The world is first formulated in the invisible before it manifests into the visible, and this is all done by thoughts and feelings.

Joyful Love is the key component to the creation process.”

Here are a few steps you can begin to try to put forth these joyful loving energies in motion.

Soul – Joyful love is the highest vibrational energetic frequency there is! To bring forth this powerful frequency you can try sitting in silence and quieting your mind by focusing on your breathing. Then you can chant the mantra “Joyful Love” for a fifteen minute interval. All the cells of your being will be buzzing with this high vibrational energy from this exercise. The key is to do it with the intent of loving yourself completely.

Body – Your body is a very intelligent system of energy that needs to be nurtured in a joyful loving way. What is the most nurturing thing that you do for your body? Is it a healthy meal, rest or exercise? Choose something that will allow you to feel the joyful loving energy. The intention needs to be there. This is a very special activity chosen by you to show you how much you love yourself!

Mind – Find your favourite writing pen and a good writing book, you may already have one going. You should take some time to center yourself and ask the following question. “What activity can I do that will bring me the greatest amount of joyful love?” When you receive the answer write it out and elaborate on how this makes you feel.

Individually all these activities have power, when you combine them together they have super power. This is what be3 philosophy is all about, it is the daily practices and activities that make your over all being come alive.

We will be covering in more detail in future post the specific areas of be3 and how to raise and balance each of the areas. As well we will explain how to utilize these energies together to create synergies in your life.

Much Love and Blessings