Superfulous Abundance…

Greetings & Welcome,

How wonderful it would feel if you had abundance on every level! Enough abundance that your cup would overflow and you could give easily and effortlessly to all those around you, to those who were and who were not in need. Wouldn’t this be a great life to live!

What would your day be like if you were able to experience this degree of abundance?

You would probably be doing much more of the things that you love doing. The paradox of this is, when you do more of the things that you love, you attract more of these things into your life. When you attract more things that you love into your life, you become more abundant. This is the big secret of abundance is that it is a by-product of doing what you love. We are all creative beings that have come from a creator that have been put on this planet to use our talents to expand the limits of our beings. Abundance is the reward of fully immersing ourselves in doing what we truly love.

A lot of people see abundance as a number figure in their bank accounts. They say to themselves “If I could only reach one million dollars, then I would feel abundant”. Superfluous abundance is created from helping others, instead of wanting a million dollars, why not try creating something that helps a million people. If your focus changes to using your talents for creation and this creation helps one million people then the results of this would definitely be abundance.

All truly abundant people are doing what they love and because their beings are balanced energetically, they become magnets and are able to attract all the abundance that they need. All abundance is an energy exchange for value. When you are able to offer more energetic value for people, they exchange this value for currency. Currency is another word for energy and money. They are all one in the same. Doing what you love raises your vibrational energy, this rise in vibration increases your currency, with more currency you have more energy, and with more energy you will become more abundant and prosperous.

The fastest way to bring more wonderful examples of abundance into your personal experience is to take constant notice of the wonderful things that are already there.” Esther Hicks

Abundance manifests itself at many levels, from the microcosm to the macrocosm. Just take a look around you, the world is filled to the brim with abundance, yet many of us will not even notice. Evidence of this takes place when we look at nature. Mother Nature is the pinnacle giver of all abundance by abundantly providing for everyone and everything’s wants and needs perfectly. If we were to let nature be, it would create perfect systems of harmony and abundance. It is our interference and our disconcerted thought processes, that have led us to believe that we could do better than this perfect system. We need to once again study abundant nature and learn how she has created symbiotic systems that all play a part of the abundance as a whole, and find out how we can fit back into this abundance in a more balanced and energetic way. This is the key to manifesting abundance on a global level.

Abundance in our lives can take form in many ways, what may be deemed as abundance for one may not be viewed in the same way for another. This is the beauty of abundance, there is more than enough to go around because we all want different things. All abundance comes about from feeling states, meaning that we apply a feeling to how much a thing is worth. An example of this is the cliché phrase “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Two people could look at a painting and one might view it as a masterpiece, where someone else may view it as a hideous eyesore. The value of abundance is held in the consciousness of the person, it is also held in the collective consciousness of humankind. Therefor abundance gains its value from internal representation of emotional feelings that are held towards this value. If we were to increase our internal feelings of absolute abundance, this would have to show in our external environment accordingly.

We are all wanting more abundance in our lives. Everyone is waiting for that magical day, ‘when this happens then I will feel great’, you may not know that you need to feel great first before this can happen. All abundance comes about from a feeling state. Some examples of this are, a man can win the lottery and if he still carries poverty in his consciousness, in a few years he will be back to broke, versus a woman who carries the feeling state of absolute abundance in her consciousness, comes about a scenario that is abundantly unfavourable, it will only be a matter of time before the situation corrects itself and the abundance returns, sometimes to even greater levels. This is the power of abundant states of consciousness. We are as abundant as we allow ourselves to truly feel.

We were not designed for lack, as a culture we have allowed limiting beliefs of lack to pierce the veil of our consciousness. Our constant observations of all the lack and limitations, perpetuated by the need to stay informed, has created energetic frequencies in our beings that have manifested into our culture as reflections of our consciousness. We create our realities by what we focus upon and how we feel!

The degree of personal responsibility is to watch your thoughts, feelings, words and actions that are not in harmony with higher levels of consciousness. This is a very noble pursuit that even the best of us have a hard time following. However, it is through the constant filtering of thoughts, feelings, words and actions that catapult us into the extreme grandeur of absolute abundance. Our consciousness is like a sponge, whatever we give it to work with is what it reflects back to us as our lives. We should never be in want for abundance, instead we should know that we are abundance. All abundance comes from within, it is the only way that we are able to give anything of value.

Collective consciousness has been programmed for competition, lack, limitation and fear of loss. In order to evolve as a species we need a new paradigm of belief in a system of superfluous abundance and collective cooperation. We are doing far better than what many of us may believe and feel. More of us need to believe and feel in the goodness and abundance of human kind. When we reach a collective tipping point, the world will evolve. We are very close to that collective tipping point, even though we may not be able to see the changes that are taking place, a lot of us can feel this change as imminent.

You are a living magnet. What you attract into your life is in harmony with your dominant thoughts.” Brian Tracy

Abundance is a feeling state that you tune into, it resides in the energy field that is all around us. When we tune into this frequency by raising our vibrations, the natural results will be that of increased abundance. Here are some ways that you can raise your vibration and naturally tune into your own superfluous abundance:

1. The word Spirit comes from the Latin word “Spiritus” meaning to breathe. There is tremendous power in your breath. Man can ignite his spirit to move mountains with the powers of breath. The practice of Pranayama Yoga is the practice of controlling the breath. There are simple breathing techniques that if practiced and paired with intentions, will help create superfluous abundance in your life. Controlled breathing has the ability to naturally raise your vibration. We should consciously make the efforts to practice daily. Here is a simple yet profoundly effective method of doing so. Find a comfortable place to sit down. You are going to take one hundred life nurturing deep breaths, this should take around five minutes. After you have super charged your spirit, you are going to set an intention and send this intention out to manifest throughout your day. You will notice signs of your intention coming into fruition as you practice more regularly.

2. Rediscover your talents, we were all born as talented people. If you put a fish on dry land and tell him to run he would fail horribly. However, if you put that same fish in his natural element he would thrive, the same goes for you and me. You need to get in, where you fit in to thrive! What is it that you love to do? You may have great interest in something; however, if you do not develop this interest your natural talent may remain dormant. Take the time to create something with your talents. We consume far more than we create, if we were able to create half as much as we consume we would become abundant. Spend more time creating more of what you love!

3. There are many forms of abundance, we can have mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and of course financial forms to name a few. Abundance comes about from the constant thoughts and feelings of abundance. Whenever we find ourselves speaking, thinking, or feeling emotions of lack of any kind we must immediately replace this emotion with its opposite. Try thinking about what you are grateful for instead. The more we can retrain our subconscious to only look for the good in all situations the more goodness and abundance will be manifested in our lives. You will notice the tipping point when you are able to think happy abundant thoughts fifty-one percent of the time. The key is to deliberately retrain your mind to see the good in everything. This will take some time because we are creatures of habit and we have been conditioned socially to think and communicate about lower vibrational scenarios. It is a way of common denominator bonding, so it will take a great deal of effort to restrain from participating at these levels. For the next twenty-one days deliberately focus on immediately changing all negative emotions into something more positive and see how your life will flourish.

Superfluous means to have in excess. We need to have our cups overflowing so that we can have more than enough to give to others. This abundance can be in the form of anything. Try having superfluous abundant smiles, then you can give them away freely to everyone and still have enough left over to smile at all your own blessings of abundance in your life.

Much Love & Blessings,