Surf The Waves Of The Particles You Desire…

Greetings & Welcome,

Vibrating in the same frequency of your desires is the secret ingredient for creating anything you want!

We are in constant states of manifestation, every thought and feeling is a creation. Thoughts and feelings are higher frequency energy vibrations that have the ability to interact with similar energies. This interaction is what causes attraction. With enough focused energy you will manifest scenarios that are in alignment with how you are feeling.

Everything that is in harmony with the frequency that we are vibrating at will come into our awareness. Everything that is at a slightly different frequency we will not be aware of. The object of your desire and the know how to obtain it may be right under your nose, but because you are on a different frequency you may not even notice it.

Quantum physics is the study of energy down to the smallest known particle called the quark. In quantum physics particles display both particle and wave like behaviour. When there is observation of waves they behave like particles. The act of observing collapses all other possibilities, creating only one possible outcome. This relates to the super position principle, when we are not observing the particles can be in all possible positions all the time, meaning there is an infinite number of possible outcomes. These waves and particles make up the fabric of our universe. We are interacting at a subatomic level with everything that we can perceive in our consciousness. Our minds are taking in this energy and making sense of it according to our beliefs. This is causing the waves to become particles and manifest into our reality.

How does this relate to you?

Our thoughts and emotions are sending out frequencies at all times. These frequencies are collapsing the waves all around us into particles. The stronger and more intense the thoughts and feelings, the bigger the wave that affects the particles. The particles that are a match to this vibration will be attracted to you. When this is done with intention for the manifestation process, we vibrate in the same frequency of our desires. The key is to maintain a high level of awareness and focus. We are constantly manifesting and those who manifest their desires do not allow for any wavering of thought that contradicts what they are trying to create. They know that with the right consistent thoughts and feelings that they are vibrating at the same frequency of their desires.

Within all of us is a divine capacity to manifest and attract all that we need and desire.” – Wayne Dyer

Manifesting works both ways. When our primary thoughts and feelings are set with high intent and then life begins to weigh us down. We have a tendency to go back to conditioned negative thoughts. Which creates negative conditioned feelings. Which in turn creates negative vibrational frequencies. These negative vibrational frequencies collapse the waves into particles that attract more scenarios for you to feel bad about.

On another note, when we are deliberately focused upon what we want with intensity and without wavering. We are able to create magical serendipitous scenarios that seem to amazing to be true. The thing is, people that possess this knowledge are doing this all the time. They are able to flow through life with an ease, the waves that they are creating are perfect for surfing towards their life’s highest desires.

Strong positive thoughts and feelings can be developed. Like muscles they become stronger with proper exercise. Here are some activities that you can do on a daily basis to strengthen your thoughts and feelings:

1. Visualize with high intensity the item of your desire. Once you can hold a clear picture in your mind of the item of your desire, step into the picture. Really feel what it feels like to be living in this reality. This practice if done on a daily basis will super charge the attraction process. I recommend doing this twice a day. Once before you go to bed so it can permeate your subconscious mind and once when you immediately get up, while in a slight sleep state. This will allow for the image to bypass the conscious mind that has a tendency towards rationality and reason. Try this for thirty days focusing on one specific thing, you will be amazed by the results.

2. Breathe deeply throughout the day. You may notice that when you are going through tough times or stressful situations that your breathing becomes shallow. Your breathing is deeply tied into your emotions. If you can learn to take moments to breathe consciously and deeply throughout the day, this will help to align and center you. From this point of alignment your ability for manifesting positive desires will become greatly increased. The key is to breathe deeply as much as possible, if you are able to maintain this one key habit you will notice profound changes in your life.

3. Try to do for others what you desire for yourself. The law of attraction process is magnified substantially when you are in the vibratory state of giving and receptive enough to know when it is time to receive. I know it may sound counter intuitive, but if you want more money as an example try donating some money to those who may be in more need than you. This primes your subconscious thought process to feel abundant and this abundant feeling is the energy require to attract all your desires. This works for anything that you may think you are lacking, if you are able to give it away you will not be broadcasting the feeling of lack. If you are broadcasting the feeling of abundance only more abundance can come to you.

Let’s all surf the waves of the particles we desire as master surfers of life. With a little practice life can become very magical.

Much Love and Blessing,