The Sage Scientist & The Use Of Source Energy…

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Some people get all their knowledge strictly through science and others are able to gain knowledge through source energy. In essence some people are scientist and others are sages. The sages throughout history have preached their knowledge that science has been able to confirm as true today.

How and where were they able to get such profound wisdom of how to use this source energy?

Sages and mystics all have one thing in common, they all have the divine ability to connect to source energy. They are able to silence the chatters of their minds and connect to a power that is greater than themselves. This is the source energy of all their knowledge. All great men and woman throughout history have use this power as the primary source of their greatness. They have learned to trust and let go, and be guided by a power that is greater than themselves.

When we are truly connected to source energy we can tap into more intuitive knowledge. This knowledge when applied allows you to do the miraculous things that your intellect may believe as impossible. It comes about as a hunch or a nudge to go here, go there, do this, do that, or speak to a particular person. It is about being in the absolute right place doing the right thing at the perfect time.

Have you ever had an intense sense of knowing something with no background information or facts? Where did this knowledge come from?

Everything that we can sense with our senses is energy. This energy guides us at an intuitive level. When we become in-tune with this energy we can sense and give meaning to the field of information that is constantly surrounding us.

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” -Nikola Tesla.

An example of this is when we are working on a problem in our lives that seems unsolvable and then in the flash of a moment, we receive the correct answer that we were looking for without knowing how. We just know that this is the most absolute correct answer to that problem. This is scientifically proven to be done through the Reticular Activation System or RAS for short. RAS is the part of your brain that filters out all the millions of bits of information only letting through what is relevant. When we set our intentions on a goal or fixing a problem the RAS goes to work allowing for all energetic information about that problem to bypass the brains filtering process. If this filtration process did not happen, the millions of bits of information per second would overload our brains. The RAS system is so powerful that it allows you to recognize the sound of your name in a crowded place or to awaken a sleeping mother when her baby is crying. Imagine what it could do if this ability is mastered and harnessed for its full potential.

Mystics and sages have tuned into this ability for millennia. They have designed practices and rituals to focus-in and gain knowledge. Scientists have concluded that these practices are effective because of RAS.

Intention that are set by mystics or by you and me have the same effect of allowing your subconscious mind to connect to source energy. Within this energy field there is sources of wisdom and knowledge just waiting to be revealed. The information is always there, we have to tune our minds to the correct frequency to allow for it to flow pass our governor, better known as our RAS.

What would happen if there was a true fusion of science and spirituality?

This would be the perfect balancing of energies that our world has ever seen, creating what I would like to call The Sage Scientist. These scientist would be deeply connected to source energy through deep daily meditations and ancient systems, which in turn would let them tap into higher universal knowledge. Their higher level of consciousness would naturally allow them to raise their vibrations and connect to source energy to get intuitively guided information. They would then take this knowledge and through experimentation and measurement they would be able to come up with working fact about why a thing is true. When they come up with these facts from a place of being grounded and connected they would be immersing themselves in unbreakable truths. Truths so profound that they would teach others proven facts that would be timeless .

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” – Buddha

How can we start the practice of becoming Sage Scientists?

1. Try the perfect blend of study of the physical world and the meta physical world and see how they may relate to each other. An example of this is the study of water. Water is both scientific and spiritual. It is really quite fascinating how it can exist in three states solid, liquid and gas. This is related to spirituality by comparing it to our level of consciousness. When we are at lower levels we relate as solid or slower moving vibrations. A bit higher level and our consciousness becomes flowing water. At the highest level we could be related to gas, as in being formless, yet being everywhere all at the same time. How else could you relate the physical and the meta-physical?

2. Create your own rituals and practices towards creating a specific goal or outcome. Then use scientific measures to gauge and tweak how well you are doing and where you are able to improve. Rituals have a tremendous amount of power, the things that we do on a daily basis under the basis of ritualistic practice change the structures of our brains. A good example of this is meditation, the more we meditate the larger the frontal lobes of our brains become, this is the most evolved part of the human brain. This allows us to have more empathy, joy, compassion, and deep levels of concentration and creativity. It also helps us to think abstractly. These are key traits that we need to live a super successful life, all coming from daily ritualistic practices that are proven true by science.

3. Everyone sees science and spirituality as different entities, these two powerhouses compliment each other perfectly. Where science ends spirituality can begin; and spirituality is now being validated by science. Scientist is able to prove today that many ancient spiritual texts are written on profound truths. There is that age-old question, how did innate matter organize itself into higher and higher levels of consciousness? This question can only be answered when science and spirituality merge. The scientific study of nonphysical phenomenon which could be related to the study of consciousness can be practice by everyone. It is what is not seen that is of far greater power than what is tangible and seen.

Maybe the old mystical sage ways do not have to catch up to modern-day science. Maybe it is modern-day science that has to catch up to the old mystical sage ways.

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