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Greetings & Welcome,

The world that you live in is far more mysterious and wonderful than you may be aware of. It is constantly responding to our thoughts and emotions, manifesting back the exact energy we put out.

In essence we are constantly creating our own reality!

Here is the problem, our focus has been conditioned for limitation. What I mean by this, is that we are constantly thinking the same thoughts and having the same feelings day after day. This is producing the same results, day after day. Usually a life crisis needs to take place before we are able to change our focus. I have been through many, and I have consciously decided that enough is enough! I am no longer waiting for one of these moments to change. I will become the change I want to see in the world. From this new frame of thinking and many years of trial and error, I have created a system that operates on deliberate intent versus reaction.

I call this system the be3 Philosophy, and when implemented you will begin to see miraculous changes in your life. I personally have experienced the profound effects of deliberately creating the life you desire versus living by default. I have been able to turn my life around completely!

My health has dramatically improved, I have lost over 27 lbs, I also have more highly sustained energy that is allowing me to pursue all my goals and dreams. All my relationships have improved and I am in the process of building my dream business and living my dream life. I have deliberately decided to live my dream!

I also have the balanced energy required to turn this dream into reality. Life is all about energy, where there is an abundance of energy there will always be tremendous growth. I want to teach you how to sustain your high energy lifestyle on all levels of mind, body and soul!

Be3 philosophy is a balance of the three primordial energies that are required for you to sustain life. Through deliberate practice of strengthening these energies particularly focusing on the areas that you may be lacking in power you are able to manifest greatness into your life.

When these energies are out of balance, there is disharmony in your being. We do not attract what we want we attract what we are. So, if this disharmony is present it will cause you to attract scenarios that reflect accordingly.

Why is this so important to you?

With the proper utilization of this balanced energy you are able to create and attract the most magnificent situations and scenarios. They say luck is being in the right place at the right time, but it is more than that. Luck is being in the right energetic frequency! Your vibes will be matching the vibes of everything you need, bringing forth the right people, events or things that mirror match your vibration!

So, when you are able to sustain a high vibrational balanced energy output, you will create a magical life.

How do you sustain a high vibrational balanced energy output, you may have asked?

Great question, I am very happy to tell you, please see simplified instructions below.

Step # 1

There needs to be a deep connection to spirit or source energy. (Soul)

Step # 2

The vehicle that houses this energy needs to be trained and fuelled with high-octane. (Body)

Step # 3

Thoughts and feelings are things, we need to hold great thoughts and feelings on a constant basis. (Mind)

The be3 Philosophy is when you are implementing your Soul, Mind, and Body energies. We focus on the internal and external work that is required for you to develop your abilities to manifest.

For the more in-depth knowledge of sustaining high vibrational balanced energy outputs, please stay tune for future blogs that will be covering all these and more in detail.

Much Love and Blessings,